‘His handling of this horse is masterly’

I have always loved the way that Sir Henry Cecil looks at his horses, taking them in with all their quirks and individual quiddities. If you do an image search on his name you will find so, so many pictures of him with that understanding look in his eye, his hand often on the horse’s neck or head. I have never seen a horse like Frankel, and I have never seen a trainer look at his horses the way Henry Cecil does. And I find I cannot type this post without wanting to cry.

The word masterly is interesting; Henry Cecil is of course, a master of what he does. But there is never a sense in which he ‘masters’ his horses in an ego-driven way. It is all softness and knowing and empathy with his charges ways of going on. And finding ways to settle them and campaign them and, to my eyes, love them more than a little too.

Frankel will be ‘let down’ back at Warren Place with his master, but then he must take up his new life elsewhere. This morning there is a little part of my heart that hurts for Sir Henry, the ultimate horseman, here, with his best horse.

From the Racing Post

The title quote is from Lord Teddy Grimthorpe, Prince Khalid Abduallah’s Racing Manager.

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  1. R.I.P. Sir Henry Cecil. Once again, I have a tear in my eye.

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