Luckiest 4%

That’s what I was told I was in this week; that’s 4% of the whole world. Now I have no idea whatsoever if that’s true and as it’s what I would consider to be an entirely subjective measure it’s not a statistic I will be dwelling upon. What it did do was made me think about the context being used to put me in the 4% – which happened to be a western capitalist democracy. And I also wondered if the measure had been arrived at by some instrument developed in the western capitalist democratic society, society that values success, worth and even luck in monetary terms.

For a passing moment it just seemed the like most atrocious cultural imperialism of the mind.

‘We think we are more lucky than you.’

*points to anywhere that isn’t the US or Europe*.

I wondered who was mad? Me, who can see the most terrible things going on everywhere: destruction of communities, hate for fellow humans, abuse and neglect of children, lack of care and concern for others, a loss of humanity in our daily transactions… or Them, who see a sick, money-driven consumerist society that values appearances more than wellbeing as a great place to live.

There’s no answer to that.

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