The BBC: Banging Some Heads Together

What on earth is going on there?

I just can’t keep up. How can you resign after 8 weeks? How can journalists interview their own bosses live on air and then yet more of these journalists come on after the boss has fallen on his sword and say they just don’t understand why the boss fell on his sword.

It is like watching an animal eat itself – top down – impossible but true.

And of course it is top of its own news output – CONSTANTLY. I have even had to give up my main purveyor of news the Today Programme on Radio 4 in protest. Now, I shall never know how it works out, but in my head it will feature a bunch of middle-aged white men in suits with laptops being burned at the stake in front of *Pebble Mill whilst Mr Blobby leaps around cackling.

BBC, you are too big and worse you are BORING. Go away and sit on the stairs and come back when you have fought to the death or sorted yourself out because playing out every twist and turn and fart on every airwave WE PAID FOR, is an insult to the public.

Now clear off.

I know it should be Media City in Salford, but šŸ˜›

See BBC you have made me resort to using the sticky out tongue emoticon, which is a big no-no.


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