Crumpled paper

The world seems extremely harsh at the moment. People killed in Gaza, a woman dies needlessly in Galway, Ireland. Grief is casually posted all over the internet; almost impossible to avoid. It’s not the grief I want to avoid; there is nothing wrong in bearing witness to a life lost. It is rather that it is mixed in amongst stories about celebrities dating footballers, or television presenters being disciplined – all lumped together – deaths and lives – news fodder.

There is no antidote to death and loss and grief. None at all. All one can do is carry on. It was rather nice then amongst all that to find this casually discarded penguin by the kettle this morning. Some doodle that was done at school and is destined for the bin; the artist having moved onto the next thing.

On days like these, it is nice to have the blog to capture these ephemera on. I post the picture and think about lives recently lost and lives hung on to, for now.

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