Waiting for the World to End

I have this phrase running in my head toda; it’s set to the tune of: Waiting for a Star to Fall
Of course, it’s a fairly terrible tune, but those are always the ones that tend to have the power to become headworms. The Mayan doomsday prediction probably falls into the same category: the world’s not going to end today, but still round and round it goes…

I’ll confess that I have thought the following:

If it ends today, will it end in one big global bang, or would the destruction start in Australia and end in a super circumnavigation domino effect?

I hope it doesn’t end when the children are still at school.

This week does seem to have dragged on some; surely if the world was going to end, time would just be flying by?

If it doesn’t end today, when will it?

I looked in the garden today. It looks the world ended out there some time ago. The same goes for the laundry piles. In some ways, if we all went up in a big puff of smoke it would be a blessing in disguise. At least it would get me out of any more Christmas shenanigans and I would never have to hear another word about the interminable #Plebgate. I would never have to watch David Cameron’s shiny forehead earnestly banging on about something or another in his most sincere voice and I would never have to think of Michael Gove or George Osborne ever, ever again. It’s an attractive proposition.

In the meantime, I have marked the occasion of the end of the world by taking a photograph out of the window this morning. I thought the sky looked rather pretty for a doomsday dawn. It seems I held the camera upside down, but I thought, given the occasion, I’d leave it that way – it seemed to fit the general mood.

Could a star fall upwards?

Could a star fall upwards?

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