Here’s one for all you grammarians out there: have you been websited yet?

Yes, websited?  The hitherto unheard of verb to website something.  I immediately disliked the sound of this verb.  Maybe some 50s housewife felt the same, back in the day, when her husband came home from work and enquired if she had hoovered yet.  

Or maybe she didn’t bat an eyelid.  I mean who doesn’t google these days.

English has a history of turning nouns into verbs and in the first instance people get very annoyed by it.  There are some that work better than others admittedly.  The new verbs for the Olympics last year, that got some sticklers hot under the collar, were to podium and to medal e.g. he podiummed, she medalled…  Or should it be podiumed and medaled.  Anyway, surely we don’t need to use them; certainly not both! After all, they mean the same thing and both are awkward sounding words.

I must say, I really hope this being websited business doesn’t catch on.  Surely we can find a more elegant verb between us than that?  On the other hand, this is probably being read by people who know how to Facebook each other…


Picture 004


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