I’ve booked a flight

And now I am panicking.

I really don’t like flying at all. Back in the day I used to be ok about it, more or less, and when I had to book a flight I was fairly price sensitive and that was it. Now I have all kinds of things I have to factor in to the decision to buy a ticket: air safety records, age of fleets, flight route, type of airplane (which I forgot to check and am kicking myself), passenger reviews, number of stars given to the airline by Skytrax and so on and on.

It turns out that trying to book a flight keeping all these criteria in mind is impossible and leaving making the booking any longer was causing its own particular variety of stress and anxiety: the no-choice-of-carrier-or-route-or-price angst. I couldn’t book last night when I found a suitable British Airways flight because I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep a wink, so I thought I’d leave it until this morning. By this morning I had checked the top ten ‘safe’ airlines and BA wasn’t in it, so their direct flights to Chicago were out.

I flirted with Swiss Air and Lufthansa, the advantage of the latter being that I could fly from Frankfurt to Detroit, but the main question was: could my nerves bear to fly In The Wrong Direction straight out of London? The answer is no. I don’t think they can. If I have to go transatlantic, which in my head is called flying over scary water, then best to get on with it.

So, I’ve got a flight. The price was ok – the downsides are that I have to take an internal flight on the outbound leg and the customer reviews seem to complain that the front of the cabins are cold. Damn. When I booked I was offered a choice of seats: window, middle and aisle, left and right, and tail, middle or front. My brain flipped flopped about. Where is the safest place to sit statistically in a plane? Tail? Rather than hold up the booking process any longer by doing comprehensive research into this, I decided to take the fatalist’s approach and selected ‘No Preference’.

Now all I have left to worry about is having to wear a coat in the cabin and the size of the plane on the internal flight.

Please, please, please don’t let it be a propeller one.

Trusting the Maple Leaf

Last time I flew I was armed with valium. I swear it did not touch the sides of the terror, although it did have me in tears at Marmaduke, a film about an animated dog.

I thought this time, I’d try two Stugeron and a stiff drink if needed. Hopefully that will take the edge off…

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  1. Wray Barton Wrecking Crew

    I recommend a base level of alcohol to get you on the plane, and Stugeron with a stiff drink is also good. Are you night flighting coming back? I shall track your plan on my Flight Radar app, like I did when you went to Turkey (armed with Valium). This time I will not panic as the flight disappears from radar when you enter a different country’s air space…

    I deal with a propeller plan by telling myself that it has to fly lower and therefore is more likely to be able to land safely. Plus they’re smaller, carry less fuel etc. In fact, the smaller the plane the safer I feel, generally. Just go in a microlite!

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