Turning into my father

This post has taken a while to show up because some other stuff got in the way of me sitting down to do it. I wonder if that is not in itself one way in which I am turning into my father… the propensity for having too much on. I think I mentioned it on here before, but I will do so again, because it is apposite; on asking my father last year if he thought he took on too many projects at once, which I tend to do, he simply said,

I find three is too many.

Yes, that’s definitely one way I am turning into my dad. The other ways include:

being happy to live hermit-like communing only with a keyboard

being subject to being in the grip of mini-obsessions that are of limited, if any, interest to nearest and dearest

going deaf in one ear

being a bit rude to people, accidentally

being bad on the telephone

and, most recently, being unable to read

very small writing

without pulling the most squinty-face known to human or beast.


Father, I, and my daughter

Father, I, and my daughter

I have dug out this photo taken at my sister’s wedding in order that one might observe my genetic inheritance of a pointy head. That day, I recall, my mini-obsession was with showing my father the lattice method of long multiplication…


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