Meet Unke (again)

Unke featured on the blog with the greyhound called Sally a few years ago at Easter. The post should have been called Free the Suffolk Two, but I didn’t have my head on straight that day. Sally is sadly no longer with us – she was cremated down the Suffolk garden in the linked picture on an epic conflagration last year.

Unke is quite simply, the most difficult dog in the world to photograph, which is annoying because she has the most marvellous and interesting face: all wrinkles and eye dribbles, contours and slobber. I spent a while last Easter with the camera trying to get her in all her boxer glory, with absolutely no success.

Yesterday, when we arrived at the paternal residence, the whole place hung thick with smoke. What was this? Not another cremation? Of sorts, as it turned out. A fir tree over the river behind the house had grown so fantastically tall that if it went over in a high wind it threatened to take out the whole house. It had therefore been pollarded and the top portion of the trunk was being disposed of in incendiary fashion. My kids went down with Unke to watch the flaming spectacle. At some point later they were messing with my phone and managed this fantastic study of the elusive Unke (wearing her jacket indoors, like me, which is what all the best personages do). Ok, we’ve got someone’s foot waving about in the background behind Unke’s head and they’ve got Unke’s nose squashed right up against the photographic frame but, still, great job.


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