What the Pope did next…

Locked himself away in a life of seclusion, contemplation and prayer, apparently. I don’t suppose it will be a hair shirt and stone walls running with damp, whilst rats run across the floor either. And why should it be. He is an old man after all. Still, as a lapsed cradle Catholic, I can’t say he has inspired me in any way. His predecessor was at least familiar; Pope Benedict has seemed more removed from the world from the beginning of his papacy, notwithstanding his decision to join Twitter. Perhaps he got one too many mean tweets…

They discussed the soon-to-be vacant position on the BBC Radio 4 Today programme this morning. Uppermost in one contributor’s mind was that any new Pope should be able ‘to listen’. I don’t think that’s entirely what he meant; in my experience the Catholic church major on listening – they even have a name for it: confession. I think what he meant was that he would like the new Pope to take the church in a more inclusive direction in the 21st century i.e. listen to people’s concerns and change accordingly. Another contributor was more traditionalist, he wanted the new Pope, whoever he may be, to ‘uphold the values of the church.’

Of course, the discussion was, pardon the pun, nailed on to annoy me. First, it was a cabal of men, women always being second class citizens in Vatican City, and second they always talk about the values of the church as if they were somehow sacrosanct, fixed and immoveable objects, which they are not. The values of the church are the values of men. Evolution shows us that to survive and endure it is not always an advantage to be strong and immutable. Those that survive are the organisms that can change, adapt, be flexible and sometimes undergo wild, wonderful and unexpected mutations. The Catholic church is run by men, for men. The ancient nature of its original hegemony means it has amassed enough money and power to totter on in the same old fashion for one more Pope at least. Benedict has practically ensured that by appointing non-radical Cardinals cut from his approved cloth. It is a shame. I do not like organised religion, but I recognise the value of it for some. Organised religion can offer community, education, guidance, structure, solace and comfort in life for many, but until the Catholic church tears down some of its man-made ideology, that is offensively dressed up as the word of someone called God, I can have nothing to do with it.


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  1. Good for you. Maybe after the movies and documentaries I have seen lately about the catholic church’s knowledge on the raping of children by priests etc, and the fact that it has been going on gpr thousands of years, maybe he really isnt sick like they would like to have us believe amongst all the other zillions of lies having come out of there, the pope has a conscience and is seeing what is going on with the Vatican and that’s why he is doing it. I just hope nothing happens to him if he does decide to let the world know about the real truths of the catholic church and the Vatican. All this just came at an interesting time for me. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you for your comment Caroline. Listening to criminal acts within the ratification of silence is at the heart of my issue with the Catholic church at a collective level. Individually I know there are men and women of conscience who follow a true vocation and I am thankful for them, at least.

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