Happy New Year (belated)

Snakes are one of my phobias. I have three I think (phobias not snakes). It’s not a fixed quantity though – they can and do mutate unexpectedly. Currently, it’s snakes, death and teeth. Probably in that order. No doubt Freud would have some fun with that.

Anyway, I was very well aware that it was the Chinese New Year of the Snake last Sunday 10th February and it was my full intention to write a blog about it. In the event, I did not. There had even been a plan that I had hatched (pun noted) last year, which went a bit like this.

I was walking the dog before Christmas and found half a chopstick on the pavement. It was not just any old chopstick, but a decorated one and the half was the end that is held, the missing end being the one for picking up the food. It had some Chinese symbols on it in red green and blue and I, being curious, picked up the half a chopstick and put it in my pocket. The plan was to find out what it said on the chopstick, photograph it and then put it on the blog. Then something else came up and I had the brilliant idea to save the whole project as a blog post for the Chinese New Year.

Well, I forgot to photograph it, forgot to translate the symbols, and when I finally remembered that I was going to do a blog post about it (this morning) I found it was no longer in the coat pocket. I think someone’s thought, ‘What is this broken chopstick doing in my pocket?’ and thrown it away.

So, the blog cannot bring you anything as planned. All I can do is apologise and wish everyone a belated Happy New Year of the Snake, but please let’s not talk about it too much as I will come out in a cold sweat.

Typing this has made me realise I don’t even like the word snake – the look of it, the sound of it, that s on the beginning… *shudder*

I’ve just remembered it’s Valentine’s Day… look out for a post about a mobster massacre in Chicago in about a week…

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  1. This post is confusing if you don’t know that sometimes I wear coats that don’t belong to me.

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