A lot’s gone on…

Over the last few days. There’s been meteors that fell in Russia and another that missed completely, murders in South Africa and London and horse meat in processed food. David Cameron has been doing his best impression of a talking head in India: that of a man saying what he thinks his current audience wants to hear and the Work Programme court judgement was mysteriously swept under the carpet in under 24 hours.

I am not a conspiracy theorist, but I do know this: the longer we allow ourselves to accept the constant diet of pap we are fed, whether it be via the media or the food giants, the longer we will be consuming rubbish in all its various forms.

Just saying.

I need to look at a Richard Scarry book to get some perspective on all this…


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  1. I love Richard Scarry’s books, they made me happy as a child and still make me happy now!

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