Stand Back


What to say about this? If I’d spent my whole life standing by this sign, maybe things would have worked out quite differently. On a different note, the word lightning always looks like it’s spelled wrong to me. (Incidentally, I am never sure whether I should say spelt, or spelled, but the former is a type of grain that makes flour, right?).

Lightning strikes and lightening? Well that’s different. Hopefully it’s something like – lightening the load. Does that happen ever, really. How do you keep a lightness of spirit, the thing you take for granted in your early youth, when lightning proves that, yes, it really does strike the same place, at least twice.

Then there’s lightening the palette. Lightening the pastry.

Lightning lightening lightening. It’s a bit like that linguistic tongue twister Buffalo buffalo Buffalo etc. But that’s another story, for which I can’t take a photo.

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