Wabi-sabi on the industrial estate

The girls go to Irish dancing practice in a local Celtic club on Saturdays, at the back of a decrepit industrial estate. Every time I drive through it I think, I must take some photos here. Today I did, but the thing that made me actually get out of the car on this occasion was that my eye was caught by the metal dumpster, full of colour co-ordinated cardboard crap. The other things were just gems and treasures along the same alley. There are at least two other alleys to explore… I can’t decide if the buildings are pre-war or just post. I’d like to know.

Wabi-sabi is a Japanese aesthetic based on the nature of things: both transient and imperfect. I think I may have taken a liberty with wabi-sabi values, but it’s such a great word and concept that I just had to reference the shots that way in my head.










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  1. I love your photos. They remind me of something but I’m not sure what it is. Is the word “dumpster” appropriate here? American imperialism through language is one thing but surely it’s not even a skip. It should be called a “wheeled receptacle” and that’s not quite right either.

    • Haha Mike, good spot. I mentally rummaged for dumpster yannow; skip was the first thing I thought of! I went for the ‘lyricism’ of the former in the end…

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