‘Security & Freedom’

It’s a snippet, not even a line, from a terrible song from a musical. I’m not even going to say which song because I don’t want it washing around in my head for a minute longer than it has to…

Anyway, security and freedom can be somewhat oppositional in nature and I’ve thought about it a little and, yes, I recognise the conflicting feelings in my life. In my head, freedom wins the day, but I think what is strongly manifested externally is security. Anyway, according to this, I can’t help it. It’s written in the stars.

Oh dear, another reference to an equally terrible song, if slightly more contemporary.

Any interpretations welcomed...

Any interpretations welcomed…

Sorry to any blog readers who are horrified by the esoteric nature of this post. In my defence I am happy to consult the wisdom of the ancients. Modern man does not know it all, despite his assembling empirical evidence to the contrary…

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