‘I’m wicked and I’m lazy’ Photography

I have about two minutes to do a post today. I hate it when I can’t write. If I don’t have time to write, it means I don’t have time to think. Although I do not wholly agree with the Descartian dualism ‘I think, therefore I am’, I must confess to starting to feel disconnected to reality if I don’t have a chance to winnow the mental chaff on a daily basis.

Anyway, here’s some more weekend weather. I was taken with the colours of the little boats, lined up against the backdrop of the unremittingly grey sky. The photo is lazy because I couldn’t be bothered to get out of the car, or by the evidence of the water drops faintly visible on the shot, the energy to push the button to open the window.

The song is Lazy heavily featuring the talent that is David Byrne. Not such a bad song to have stuck in your head.

‘I open up my mouth and air comes rushing out..’


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