Jeremy Bentham’s Head

It’s a bit late for a blog, but I can’t let this fact go unremarked. At University College London, the philosopher Jeremy Bentham (the founder of the all-pervasive and perniciously applied utilitarianism school of philosophy – greatest good for the most people) is preserved in perpetuity. He is stuffed, basically, and screwed to a chair. Not so bad, except for the fact that his head is made of wax, because in the original embalming process they completely messed up it up.

So, until 1975 his scary mummified head sat on the floor of the display case, between his feet. Then some students stole it and demanded a ransom for its release. Thereafter the head was kept separately, under lock and key. The blog cannot entertain pictures of a philosopher’s head, so this particular post must go unadorned.

Seems a tad egotistical to me.

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