On the Road & on the Radio


I saw two dogs in Chicago. This was the second. The first was a black lab. I’ve only seen this photo on my phone but I liked the reflections of the windows on the street. And the fire hydrant. Why don’t we have those in the UK?

Anyway, I was liking Chicago a lot until I had to drive out of it: being honked at by a monster ice road trucker was the low point… Mind you I was going too slow.

I was temporarily horrified to find myself in Gary, Indiana; my cursory glance at the map hadn’t factored in that Illinois doesn’t segue directly into Michigan. All I can say about that is when Dame Helen Mirren described Essex, she obviously hadn’t been to Indiana.

Driving into Michigan on interstate 94 settled the nerves. In this neck of the woods the speed limit is largely observed and there are less trucks to get sandwiched between. I am a bit puzzled and alarmed by a sign on my offside wing mirror. It says, ‘careful, objects are closer than they appear’. Go figure…

The radio calmed me at my most angsty; singing along tunelessly helps. I had proper American stuff, nearly perfect for a road trip. We had Journey, John Mellencamp, Simon & Garfunkel, The Monkees and The Doors. The British held their musical end up with T Rex and the Eurythmics. I made do with ‘Dreamweaver’ as today’s theme tune, but perfection would have been Roxy Music’s ‘There’s a band playing on the radio…’ as I rattled the Nissan Versa (grey as Grandpa would say) over the interstate slow lane potholes.

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  1. I’ve just realised the fire hydrant is out of shot. And I didn’t mention J
    Bryan Adams’ Summer of 69. We had that two. Twice. Possibly once too often.

  2. Keep going on the travelogue…. Will reply properly soon. As Elodie said, but have you met Hilda yet? Keep on trucking …in Nissan Versa (grey) x

  3. I remember being baffled by those words in the mirror as I drove around New England. On to more important matters: what did you consume in that coffee shop in Chicago that you took the picture from?

    • I only had a latte. Someone else’s food crept into the frame as I tried to get the money dog shot.

      I forgot to say that the first song on the radio was Sweet Home Alabama. That helped. One wrong turn out of Chicago and I’d be halfway to Memphis by now.

  4. I know you’ll want to hear this………”fewer (not less) trucks”.

    Kalamazoo, a name to conjure with. Does the place live up to its name?

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