‘Searching for Sugar Man’

Although I still find flights enervating because, and statistics be damned, a crash must be a terrifying way to die, albeit over quickly (although not as quickly as a car crash I might add), I do now feel that if I must take a flight somewhere, then I must. And I can. This is an improvement on the total veto that had been in place for some years, although flying across an ocean for mere leisure purposes still would stretch my resolve a little too far…

This reveals a number of things to me about myself – that I see work as more important as leisure, or if not more important, then at least more of an imperative to do things. It also underlines that although I am no longer as scared of dying as I once was, I certainly am quite theoretically prescriptive about the manner in which I would choose to go. This is not me being morbid; I am simply describing one of the many mental events in my brain.

I am slowly picking up the pieces of the life that I dropped to go chasing a life that happened, mainly in America, in the last century. My Circadian rhythms have reluctantly begun to gather up their toys: the sore throat is on the wane, the chest no longer tight, my voice is returning. There is much to be done. I searched last week, and I found. And, as is always the way, I came up with more and more questions. There are now notes to be typed and more answers to be sought. There is a year of work ahead, at least. I hope I can do it justice.

Anyway, the upside to my new-found lack of incapacitating terror on the plane is my ability to enjoy watching a film. On the way out it was Hitchcock, and Malcolm X, on the way home I was delighted to see they had ‘Searching for Sugar Man‘, a title I had been keen to watch for a while. The film is about a lost American singer, Rodriguez, from the 1970s, who enjoyed little success at home, but unbeknown to him became a huge star in South Africa. The film traces the efforts to ‘find’ him. As is always the way, he was not lost at all, just living his life in a simple way in Detroit.

Great film, better music, and two of the best album covers I have ever seen.

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