I don’t want to go on, but

Continuing in the wake of the interminable coverage of what Margaret Thatcher did for us… today I even heard someone say that if it wasn’t for her we wouldn’t even be able to download ‘Ding Dong the Witch is Dead’ as an mp3 online because when she came to power you had to wait a month to get a phone line installed… Go figure.

But, two thousand invites to a funeral. Really?

What in hell is that about?

How many invites will Her Majesty the Queen have when her time comes – five thousand?

Surely, we can’t even afford this shit…

I was going to write something about the ridiculous nature of going to work to heat the house six months of the year round and how I refuse to be robbed at gunpoint by the utility companies for a moment longer than I have to be. Then it occurred to me that I could blame all that fairly and squarely at the door of the departed Margaret Thatcher:

Privatise state industries: check

Introduce free market competition: check

Rob the consumer blind for decades: check

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