Spring is Sprung

That earlier post about pitch put me in a linguistic glitch.

Do drips drip and drops drop? Or drips drop and drops drip?

It all sounds wrong and looks funny on the page after a very short time indeed. Anyway Spring does indeed spring, but today, on the evening dog walk, I found evidence that it has also sprung. I am not convinced the sunny days and freezing nights are particularly conducive to tree blossom, but nature is giving it a good old go like the old broad she is, with blowsy, fuzzy leaf buds busting out all over.

This my eldest daughter’s favourite tree in the park. It’s quite nice that she has one.

The dog had the wind up his tail on the walk, spring has got him sprung too, although he did mention it was a bit parky to go naked (I had forgotten to put his coat on). A little girl in her pushchair asked her mum as we wended homeward, ‘Why has that doggie got so much legs?’ I am too deaf to have heard the answer, but had some mild amusement to think of the eight-legged beast on the end of my lead.

Anyway, here’s the evidence that spring has finally sprung from it’s winter irons:
an evening magnolia


magnolia close

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  1. On May 15 at 7 a.m. the FMVP held their annual spring bird walk. The group of over 20 bird watchers enjoyed a leisurely stroll through Monument Valley Park and along Monument Creek on a beautiful spring morning. Ken Pals, a naturalist from the El Paso County Parks Department, led our walk. We saw or heard over 20 species of birds including: a great blue heron, mallard, northern flicker,black-capped chickadee, black-chinned hummingbird, spotted towhee and spotted sandpiper. It was a great morning for bird watching. Thanks to all who came out. See you next year!

  2. Spring has sprung here, but I can’t seem to get the pictures. The sun is always too bright for be to get a decent picture of the flowers. The aloe vera plant we have has bloomed, my rose bush is blooming and my neighbors yard is a plethora of vibrant colors with her roses, lillies and flowering trees.

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