Vapour Trail

The weather is terrible today. I have a thousand things to do. Not all of them will get done. Some will hang around for another day. None of the things will disappear like the vapour trail in the sky here. Things don’t really disappear ever. People and animals do. Sometimes they come back, mostly they don’t. I wish things to do were more like people and pets and vice versa.

I took this when the sun deigned to shine at the weekend. I was attracted by the disc of the sun and the line of the vapour trail. When I got it home and looked on the screen, I could see numbers in the diffusing vapour. I like that. I also like the unknown red eye-shape.



Posted on May 29, 2013, in Photography and tagged . Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. This is an oft-asked question. The answer is reasonably straightforward, but misunderstanding is common. To understand why a contrail can last as little as a fraction of a second, or as long as several hours, you need to understand what a contrail is, and how it forms.

    • Well Penny, thank you for that, and I definitely don’t (understand)! But you have taught me that a vapour trail is also called a contrail, so thank you. That is what I learned today 🙂

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