A postscript to ‘Up’

I was forced to take a nap earlier. I slept heavily and dreamt. I was standing on a quayside and watched three people: man, woman and child, float past me. They were fully clothed; their eyes were closed, they were travelling fast in the current, towards a weir. Whilst I stood wondering what to do about that, three orcas passed by in the opposite direction. They leapt up out of the water, their tails slapping the surface as they re-entered. For a moment, as one passed by directly below me, I thought it was suddenly a giant black and white cat. Then another orca leapt into the air, slapping the water with it’s tail and woke me up.

I saw this in Waterstones later today. Perhaps next time, I’ll stay awake and write a waking dream instead.

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  1. Saturday July 14 ORCAS off the starboard bow !!! That was the call of the day, 4 Transient Orcas off the south end of Quadra Island and boy were these guys explosive!! We counted at least a dozen full breeches, dozens of tail slapping , peduncle throws, spy hops….it was dynamic and enthralling to watch!! We followed the orcas for a while and headed steadily south towards the southern end of Hernando Island. The wind picked up as did the waves and we left them travelling slowly south admist the peaks and troughs of the salish sea …….a beautiful salty day on the ocean was had by all!

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