Cow Parsley with Graffiti

I think, without googling, that cow parsley is part of the yarrow family – achillea in Latin. Now if I am wrong, it is because I didn’t google but I have said it anyway, so please feel free to correct.

It’s interesting that it is our head that carries that kind of information, but more and more, we might leave it ‘out there’ in the internet. That’s all very well of course, but it is the application of knowledge that elevates the human existence from that of a binary machine. Which rather puts me in mind of an autistic fellow I know. He does not feel that his mind is a trustworthy repository for his accumulated knowledge and experience – he like to keep a hard copy. On any given day, a fraction of the hard copies come with him in various carrier bags. We have had a conversation about how that might influence people’s perceptions of him, but that is the thing with autism – other people’s perceptions are impossible to imagine.

I don’t quite know how I got there from this picture I took at the weekend, but it has been a useful exercise, for me at any rate. As the weather improves, I have to seek out more and more edgelands on which to exercise the dog. This is a patch of ground behind a school rugby field, which is behind a recreation park. We are not allowed on the school playing field according to the signs. This kind of territorial approach to land gives me a touch of the Selfish Giant syndrome and I consider it my duty to trespass – to keep the green space purposeful, instead of merely decorative. School rugby players can only be there for a matter of hours a week, and not at all out of season, like now. Learn to share, that’s what I say.

cow parsley


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  1. The pic looks like a yarrow which I think is different to cow parsley which is an umbel but I could be wrong… Who knows?

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