More reflections

Yesterday’s shot was taken from the Atlantic coastal beach at Caminha (which I have been misspelling I now see) at the southern tip of the mouth of the River Minho. So if you walk round the bend from yesterday’s shot, you are almost unbelievably into this shot, which is the river side of the dunes. It was a different time of day, the evening rather than the morning and I took the shot from a restaurant so there is a slight reflection on the right hand side of the shot. I could have cropped it out, but perfection is as perfection does in my book.

There are many more personal reflections I could make about this view. How I feel about it ; how it made me feel; the two things, although related, are not entirely the same you see, but now is not the time for all that. Maybe some other time, or maybe, just in my head – although I want it on record that these photographs are taken in the spirit of imprinting some of the amazing world we live in and that I am antithetical to the notion of, ‘look where I went’ which is why I post here, in some sort of anonymity and not elsewhere. After all, these places are there anyway, whether we go or not. That last sentence is a philosophical sitter, but as I said, I Am Leaving It Alone.

On a more practical note, I drank a lot of coca-cola, coffee and water in Portugal… that’s because my Portugese is not up to ordering much else. Of course, I could just say the word LOUDLY in English, but it’s not the same, is it? Perhaps I’ll return to this beverage/linguistic theme tomorrow. I bet you can hardly wait…

camhina restaurant view


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