Blah Blah Blah (and some beverages)

I have the unsupportive voices to stay in my head just at the moment. Blah blah blah are their more kindly opening gambit…

For some reason, and fitting with the blah, blah, blah of it all, I thought that today would be just the day to share drinks with you all, but remember in Portugese I can only order coffee and coke. I thought I’d spare you the agua. The red wine was bought in the supermarket and you don’t need to speak to do that, except to say obrigada and make the universal symbol for, ‘yes please I do need a carrier bag not because I want to destroy the planet, but because I am a half-wit who forgot to bring one from the plastic bag mountain back at the quinta.’


You will note that when shooting beverages I make the cardinal sins of not framing the shot properly, holding the phone wonky, and shooting into the sun. I can’t blame the beverages themselves however, as I was always driving.

delta coffee

Taken after I robustly defended south Essex’s right to dub itself the Thames Delta from a vigorous cerebral paternal assault


Taken because the can is a different shape from the ones in the Thames Delta

(and with a more interesting image)


Taken because it was nearly tea time and I had hung up the car keys for the night

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