The final gate

And my favourite.  Marred by the shadow I cast with my back to the sun, but we discussed that before.  I could have cropped off the shadow, made out like it had never existed, but I can’t bear to.  There is no truth really, just subjective presentation or interpretation, but cropping out that out would be an untrue record of that gate, on that day.

Don’t think I didn’t try it, cropping it out I mean.  Don’t think I didn’t flirt with the untrue.  I am as shallow it seems as the next person when it comes to presenting an image to the world.  In the end, the shadow stayed because it forms part of the shot and losing it meant I would have had to sacrifice the screw detail on the right, which is probably the best bit as far as I am concerned; although the singing rust is right up there too.

Which all goes to show that perfect is never the truth, even though there is no such thing.  Not really.

rust gate


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