Tuesday’s Post: in which I cannot think of a title for the life of me

I seem to have come through my gate period now.  It may return, but I will try to hold it in.

The problem with being an introvert (or an INFP apparently) is that you can get so immersed in what you are doing, that you forget you have children, who are on summer holidays who need feeding and, to some degree, interacting with.  I find, to do that, I need to go out.  In the house just doesn’t really work for me these days – there are just too many distractions in here.  Also, too much damn mess.  I need a skip.  I keep saying I will do a boot sale, but I am not sure I could face coming back home with the same crap other people rejected.

Here’s someone we saw when we were out roaming the streets at the weekend – he turned up with an extra groovy sound system, after the lorry full of zombies.   It was bloody windy, well done fella for managing to stay upright.

Now, if you saw this in a boot sale…




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