We haven’t had politics for a while

Mainly because, after a bit, quite a bit, I’ve had to adopt a grit one’s teeth and bear it approach to the government.  The alternative was madness, or imprisonment.  I’ve laid awake in bed thinking about how to rid the country of the turbulent Gove et al and got nowhere – well nowhere that doesn’t involve crime and that would be wrong – so I retreated, like so many, into apathy.  I’m not proud of it, but there comes a time when banging your head on a brick wall just hurts your head.  Or so I am told.  I am still a bit prone to head banging…

So, here we go.

Has Nick Clegg gone mad?

Has someone attacked him with a giant shiny silver syringe full of shite-spouting serum?

Has he dyed his hair an even darker shade of brunette?

Has his wife finally decided to come out to play the First Lady in waiting game?

Is Vince Cable going to stand for it?

Yesterday’s outrageous conference performance from the leader of the Lib Dems was like a Dallas/Dynasty/Dr No mash-up  with slightly less glitz, but a very healthily inflated sense of self-worth.  I would go so far as to say that, yesterday, Nick Clegg was tumescent.

This is not a good thing.  The Lib Dems are still the Yellow Party and Nicky Boy ain’t fooling no-one.  I hope.

But you never know.

Fooling no-one? via The Telegraph

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