So far this week: two lovely things and a not so lovely one

Firstly, the bad and ugly in one hit: the bike was stolen from work whilst I was teaching an evening class on Monday night.  I must admit I blinked into the darkness at the gap where the bike should have been when I came out of the building.  In point of fact, I may have looked rather like a mole.  I am sure I left it there, I thought to myself.  Confirmation that I had indeed left it there came on closer inspection, which revealed my cycle helmet lying on the floor alongside the lock that had been cut clean through with bolt cutters or some such.

Honestly?  I am surprised a bike has not been nicked from me before now.  There is a Recycle Bike shop in the town, supported by the council, so I will be off there as soon as I am able to see if they have got some derelict bone-shaker that needs a home.

The good: yesterday a beautiful book arrived in the post featuring a picture I took about two and half years ago.  The theme of the book was the window and, amongst the photography, there are also poems by James Joyce (who knew), Robert Frost and another favourite Rainer Maria Rilke, as well as the window in art.  Predictably, there’s rather a lot of those Edward Hopper scenes with a woman and a window, of which I am not fond, preferring his gas stations or bars.  But there is also this.

Master’s Bedroom by Andrew Wyeth

And that image is such a lovely thing in itself that I’ll leave the other until tomorrow.

Just because lovely things come along like buses, doesn’t mean you have to be in a big rush about it…

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