A song for a long week (and it’s not over yet)

Child #2 requires motoring to Bristol tomorrow for a dance competition.  She has bought ‘1D’ heart earrings for the occasion (double up as Irish Dance earrings she assures me), and asked if she can wear a little bit of eye-shadow…

It’s only a hop jig away now from the full on sequinned dress, curly hairpiece attachment, glue round the tops of the poodle socks  and full make-up case on wheels.  What awaits is a long drive, hard chairs, confusion, minor strops and heartbreak or glory.  We take Kipling’s advice to heart on this one and treat ‘both imposters’ just the same.  Then it will be a turnaround to get home.

I have been prescribed a short course of steroids which I started this morning.  Without wishing to meet my own expectations, I can feel myself becoming somewhat testy, but that might be down to the tiredness for which they were prescribed.  Side effects and symptoms dance a tangled circle round the patient at times.  Which reminds me, the session in the doctor’s waiting room was surreal, the consultation Lynchian.  I must write about it!

For now, I want to chill out to this song.  The only way I can share it is with the video, which I am not crazy about, but if I close my eyes… it works.  Here’s hoping the Miguel vibe (in my mind he’s got a touch of the Maxwell sound which I love)  keeps the roid/road rage at bay on the M4 tomorrow…

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