Feeling like: the bottom of a boat

I have no idea what that feels like obviously. Most would say, the *bottom of a boat? Surely, an inanimate object that cannot feel!

Well, even if that is so, and there is no evidence I can muster to the contrary… there still remains the fact that the bottom of a boat has a life of it’s own. It spends a lot of time in water, and the water and the salt and the sealife leave their marks. One day, the captain orders that the bottom of the boat be re-treated, so that it remains hole-free and waterproof – seaworthy. So, the boat is hoiked out of the water and put in a dry dock and treated, then, back into the water it goes for the waves to do their worst. A boat has no self-determination. It must merely float until it is overwhelmed by one circumstance or another, upon which it sinks.

That’s why I feel like the bottom of a boat. At least a dry dock gives you a different perspective on life.

This is not necessarily a bad thing. Look at this one: a thing of beauty and wonder.

boat hull

*Sea dogs would tell me that the technical name is not bottom, but hull.
Never mind.
Details, schmetails.


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