A Centenary

This week, so far, has taken the form of some kind of major test. I won’t bore with the details.

However, this day can’t be allowed to slip by without noting that my grandmother would have been one hundred years old today. Sadly, she didn’t quite make the milestone, and we lost her in the summer of 2010.

She was a great influence on me and I miss her greatly. Things happen with the children, or me, and I think, ah Granny would have enjoyed hearing about that. And that was really the thing with her, she was fully engaged with her family for her whole life. It’s a rare thing – not to be engaged with your family hopefully – but to be so on the ball with everyone’s minutiae and daily dealings; the humdrum and the spectacular, the triumphs and the disasters.

I don’t feel sad so much when I think of her these days, which is fairly often. I just smile and am glad we knew he for so long.

My sister has a super photo of her, taken when her last great-granddaughter was a baby. I have some of her with my own children too. I might dig them out tomorrow. In the meantime I remember her with such happiness and gratitude. We read this at her funeral, and it was what she might have said herself.

When I am dead
Cry for me a little
Think of me sometimes
But not too much.
Think of me now and again
As I was in life
At some moments it’s pleasant to recall
But not for long.
Leave me in peace
And I shall leave you in peace
And while you live
Let your thoughts be with the living.

And then, there was this, which was kind of perfect.

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  1. I wonder what she’d have made of John and Dave? I only met her a few times, but she struck me as a lovely gal. And I just loved the track. Great choice. X

  2. “Mothers-in-law” traditionally get a bad press, but this one was so special they broke the mould. A real lady in every sense

  3. they are harming the children by traumatizing them by ripping them from the only family they know and who love that child… My baby boy was removed from my home when a warrent was issued for stolen goods my boyfriend had taken I had no knowledge and when i awoke to banging on the door and find officers there. Then came the parafanalia that had appeard over the course of the night before my boyfriend which i found out later had been living another life at night while I was asleep with our precious son. I miss my baby boy i would never ever do drugs and have been wrongly accused.

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