It’s 4am … Isa Muaza and “Scotland’s Future”.

National borders are designed to enforce a fear-based system of resource control. Fear of lack, of difference, of other, of change. Put two human beings in a room together and they will always be united by their common experience of life. Borders create barriers of mind and heart.

Glasgow Refugee Asylum and Migration Network (GRAMNet)

It’s 4am and I am awake in a hotel room in Hong Kong. Gritty eyes, dry mouth, the mild, passing discomfort and weariness of travel. But this is not why I am awake.


Beside myself with rage and despair I check Twitter and Facebook for news of Isa Muazu and the campaign which is involving so many small committed groups. It’s 8pm yesterday for Isa. I am already in his tomorrow, the day he is due to be deported on a private charter flight, a man protesting with his incarcerated body, with the only means of protest he has left l, against the wickedness of the UK asylum and detention system. This is exactly the situation Spivak described in her extraordinary essay ‘Can the subaltern speak.’

Friends and fellow campaigners are gathering to protest outside the offices of the charter flight company, there is a vigil outside Harmondsworth detention…

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