I was going to blog about my disgust at the behaviour of some Tory MPs yesterday when the House of Commons debated the use of food banks in the UK, but if you are interested you might as well read the transcript here. It’s not edifying: Ian Duncan Smith et al spent a lot of time heckling and laughing during the debate. Nice to know they take hunger and deprivation seriously. Duncan Smith’s deputy, Esther McVey spoke for the government, and the veteran MP Gerald Kaufman was sufficiently moved to say it was the ‘nastiest’ speech he had ever heard in forty-five years in the House. This spectacle in combination with the demeanor of the Prime Minister when attacking Ed Balls yesterday it makes me wonder if anyone else in the electorate would like to get rid of this Punch & Judy show in Parliament that passes for democracy in the UK today. I know I would.

The Tories seem to have attachment issues – problems with relating to humanity and an unhealthy obsession with money. Making it and saving it. And keeping it out of the clutches of the great unwashed. It must be private schools wot dun it to them. Pity them, that’s all you can do. Or dismiss them at the ballot box. I, for one, can’t wait. It worries me though, whether enough of the electorate will fall for them again after five years of their rhetoric carefully demonising minorities in our society.

In the meantime, we are trying to get into some Christmas spirit with homemade bunting. Here’s a stag’s head as an opening gambit. Stencil made by eldest, executed by youngest.

stag bunting

Reminder to self: donate some food this Christmas to the local food bank…

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