Tunnels & Light & Words

If I were an artist, with a studio and paints and rags and stuff, today I would just sweep the whole lot aside onto the floor. I might jump up and down on canvases and throw tubes of oils out of the window. If I were a potter, I’d take pleasure in throwing each piece at the wall and watching all the work smash into little pieces on the ground.

Take that, I would say, although no-one would hear me.

It wouldn’t be in a fit of rage either. It would be a calm destruction. A clearing of the decks to start anew. If there’s one thing I dislike over all things, it’s being stuck.

Words don’t lend themselves well to being torn asunder. There they will remain, 2D and lifeless, on the screen or the paper, waiting for someone to string them together for long enough to give them meaning. Individual words are fixed in nature, evolving barely in one lifetime. Maybe that’s why I like poetry – you can make them do things they don’t ought to. Stuff square words into round holes, make them work a little harder for their imagery.

I find these properties of words frustrating sometimes; I really do. Still, I shall kick on, in my head, at least. Meanwhile, enjoy these clouds heading in the wrong direction…

clouds on their side

Sculpture by Barbara Hepworth at Snape Maltings

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  1. TUESDAY MORNING – Pogues. I heard this for the first time just now and it’s already stuck in my head. Listen to it with lyrics here . Chordie has a useless version of the words and chords . I’ll do a more better proper one and perhaps we can see what can be made of it. Maybe somebody already knows it.

  2. Maynard Cummings

    “I hadn’t gone in years,” Tramonto said. “We saw the dolphin show, all this really cool stuff. I love fish. I have fish tanks in my house. I thought: How could I involve fish in the restaurant in some way, to incorporate their beauty and calmness and color in our presentation?” So Tramonto bought fighting fish and stuck them in their individual bowls (as fighting fish, they would kill each other if put together), and contemplated them. He tried placing the bowls at certain tables and watching how diners reacted to them. “I knew there was something there,” he said.

  3. which was deemed a sort of charmed inscription, but whose meaning is obscure. If the word “Arepo” is taken as a proper name, it may be translated as “Arepo, the sower, delays the wheel with his work”, or possibly “Arepo, the sower, holds the wheel at work”. Three of the words appear on this list.

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