On having to go slow & a sunset

My mind can run too fast for its own good. Like an over-revving engine, if it is allowed to go on unchecked, parts will blow.

It took me an awfully long time to get this; even longer to accept that when I consider it is running slow, it still might be running a deal faster than what others might consider a regular speed. It’s a genetic thing – I see it in others in the family – in my case it became pathologised. Maybe that process helped me to realise I had to work at it to get things back into balance. Medicalising the mind, or the subjective life experience does not help with the actual work that the owner of the super-fast and speedy mind has to eventually embark on, should they wish to not live the life of a Mayfly.

Technology is the enemy, in a way. Everything is so fast and accessible; if you let it, it will feed the beast – and I do. At least I realise it, mostly. It is therefore an interesting experience to work with equipment that, rather than speeding the process up, slows me right down.

Apple, I salute you.

Sunset on water meadow  © MEA Russell

Sunset on water meadow © MEA Russell

Composed on a very old laptop with Windows because… no-one’s got all day!

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