Breaking (it) Down

Seems that I wrote this nearly a year ago. I wouldn’t call it a poem – more a snapshot of my external disarray. Not much has changed since then it seems. Last week I bought two tickets for a show, for a night that I work and can’t go to. I gave the spare away. The only tangible difference between last year and this, it would seem, is that I set to work earlier in the morning back then, the washing has taken over the entire dining table now and I completely failed to book this year’s school camping trip.

Oh and my eye hurts. It didn’t before…

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The windows need cleaning and the damp is coming in
The clothes pile teeters over the laptop
Lesson plans stay in my head
(where OFSTED can never go).

I invite a child’s friend round for tea
At the same time I have to go to Parents’ Evening

I buy tickets for the theatre
On the night the youngest is out of town, camping

I make half-arrangements
And fail to know the name of songs

Fruit appears, all mystery, in the bowl

My duties are slowly being removed
Through dereliction
Of the house
& garden

The apple tree grows through the washing line
Over the blue tarpaulin on the ground

I am hoping, if I leave it
Long enough
I can whip it off
With a flourish
‘Ta da…’
And find a manicured lawn.

Just like my plan
For the snails
Munching on my filing
Leaving only the inedible essentials.

As it is, today
I must try and remember
To wrap my head round Tuesday

And not let it slip through my mind…

Well, only a little

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