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This one is so good I could lick it.

11000 volts

Vintage Deckchair


Appley Beach, Isle of Wight



Back to Basics

Behold: The Dog

His life is pretty basic. My life with him is pretty basic too, until he complicates matters with his hunting instinct as well as his fear-based flight response. It’s a basic life, until he is legging it at twenty-five miles miles per hour after something, or legging it at twenty-five miles mph away from something. Only he and I know the difference.



Queen of the Barbed Wire

I have photographs I’d like to post, but not enough food in the tank has induced a migraine behind my right eye, so they are going to have to wait, for now.

I don’t suppose spending a day straining my eyes at a conference without my glasses helped either.  Never mind, I got to hear some inspirational speakers.

According to Professor Jules Pretty if the 7 billion souls on the planet, all started consuming goods at the rate those of us in the western capitalist societies do, we would need six blue planets, not just the one, to sustain us all.  It’s a sobering thought.  What can we do?  Consume less, by a factor of 10, at least.  

Then there was Professor Germaine Greer – if she was ‘Queen of the Universe’ she would ‘ban barbed wire!’  She said much else besides, from the heart.  And she gave me full permission, nay prescription, to Never Mow My Lawn again.

Some would say, Not That You Did Anyway, but that is beside today’s point.  

Hands off my nature strip.  Butterflies and bees welcome.  

Flaking Paint Box Wood

I found this a few weeks ago on a dog walk, stuffed in some bamboo. It came home muddy, minus the slug I scraped off. I had intended to clean it a little and photo, but time passed, as it does, and when I got round to it yesterday, much of the paint that was left on the lower section had flaked off.

There are reasons I do this. It’s just that, at the moment, I can’t articulate them really.

Does it make sense without a rationale? Are things ‘better’ with a statement of intention? Yes, probably and no, probably. It’s something to do with accessibility maybe. Who the hell knows.


‘Three is too much’

This was Dr J.I.T. Russell’s response to a question I posed some years ago about his apparent ability to manage the demands of various projects concurrently.

Dr J.I.T. Russell is my father, and, I find now, that he is right and genes will out.  Three is too much.  And so, I find, is four or five.

I will be paring back on my projects eventually, but not at the moment.  I am in that mid-life stage where time seems to speed up and one must push ahead in a vain attempt to offset the effects.  In the meantime, some weeds may grow round here.  But what is a weed after all?  Merely a flower in the wrong place.

The Head Gardener