Queen of the Barbed Wire

I have photographs I’d like to post, but not enough food in the tank has induced a migraine behind my right eye, so they are going to have to wait, for now.

I don’t suppose spending a day straining my eyes at a conference without my glasses helped either.  Never mind, I got to hear some inspirational speakers.

According to Professor Jules Pretty if the 7 billion souls on the planet, all started consuming goods at the rate those of us in the western capitalist societies do, we would need six blue planets, not just the one, to sustain us all.  It’s a sobering thought.  What can we do?  Consume less, by a factor of 10, at least.  

Then there was Professor Germaine Greer – if she was ‘Queen of the Universe’ she would ‘ban barbed wire!’  She said much else besides, from the heart.  And she gave me full permission, nay prescription, to Never Mow My Lawn again.

Some would say, Not That You Did Anyway, but that is beside today’s point.  

Hands off my nature strip.  Butterflies and bees welcome.  

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