Getting beyond the 1% rule – Intrinsic motivation and online communities

This excellent post is being reblogged as part of my attempt to make a personal filing cabinet out of all things interesting and relevant on the world wide web.

I may be a while.

What's the PONT

Recently I posted about the rule of 1% for online participation and why I think it still applies in many  of the online communities I frequent. This is a ‘note to self’ and a plea to a few people I know with the ‘build it and they will come’ philosophy for online knowledge sharing. I admire the commitment, but it is worth thinking about how you move beyond 1% participation. That’s got to be good for the business case and the return on investment figures. It also avoids the sad faces when things get closed down after 12 months because not many people turned up and hardly anyone stuck around.

There are two really good sources of information I’ve found on this, both on the website. Sponge is a service that provides a platform for online Q&A communities. It also has a very helpful blog that talks…

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