Present Moment Shizzle

The single thing that has helped, enriched, and generally supported my wellbeing over the last few years is being aware of, and reducing the time I spend out of, the present moment.

Depression, anxiety – the backward, forward pendulum swing of the old unruly mind still goes on, it’s just what the mind does but with practice I can maximise the moments just hanging out in the middle. Stretch them even. It’s good.

Like everything, there’s a payoff. Planning has never been my forte and now I am probably even more challenged in that area. I’ve been asked a difficult question this week: how many hours do you think you need for this project?

I think of my father. 6 weeks was the standard answer for that, always. (He might pop on here and correct me – but I like my personal memory too much to actually check the facts!) Those of us that knew him, would double it. Triple it even. Like building a house, a project will take longer than you think, cost more money, introduce headaches that you had never even thought of. Quantifying a life lived in the present moment in future hours, is a real headscratcher.

Maybe I’ll just follow in my father’s footsteps with one major deviation. His 6 weeks probably included an 18 hour day. Mine won’t – at least not on one project alone. (This fits with his other maxim about projects: three is too much.)

6 weeks x 18.5 hours = 111 and double it = 222 – my lucky number.

Of course I work in the public sector and I know 222 won’t get past the bean counters so I’ll have to pretend it takes less time than it really does which is rather how the public sector runs (at least 30% on the good will of public servants).

But no-one wants to hear that – do they?

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