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Still Life: Cat on an Unmade Bed

2015-10-27 20.50.12


When did symbols of the thing e.g this ♡ for the *visual representation that lies beneath these words, overtake the properties and reality of it all?

When did a cute symmetrical squiggle come to stand for a bloody lump of cells that would continue to throb if you ripped it from my chest and put in your own? (Under the right surgical circumstances, natch.)

When did cutsie pie symbolism creep in and take the place of the business of low down dirty and actual life?

And why.


*by EJ

Seaside Moment: Summer 2015

The blog’s gone all Wittgenstein on yo ass. Whereof one cannot speak etc. etc.

2015-10-24 09.55.35


There’s so much signage these days, not all of it necessary, much of it inelegant.

This, I like. It’s seems to be a personal parking space for the absent-minded.


Autumn in Essex II


My eldest daughter said, ‘Mum, you’ve chopped the top off the sun.’ And, of course, she’s right I have. But who of us all, haven’t had the top chopped off our sun from time to time in life?

I know have.

The question is: like a starfish’s arm will it grow back?

Autumn in Essex I