The Monkey Mind

I think it’s a Buddhist description – of the human mind that swings incessantly through the trees, throwing fruit about, chattering loudly up in the green canopy.

I recognise the monkey mind, but it’s not a complete description of my own experience. I also have, and I’m going to try and stick with the animal metaphor for the purposes of consistency and imagery, a manatee mind and horse one.

The manatee, otherwise known as dugong or sea cow, moves slowly and gently through shallow waters grazing sea grass. Manatees are endangered species – their backs bear the cuts and scars of encounters with boat propellors. Sweet, ineffable, they just can’t get out of the way quickly enough when harm bears down on them.

The horse is the opposite to the manatee – more similar to the monkey but different also. Where the monkey is master of his destiny, the horse’s is entwined with the human. The horse mind gallops up and down the boundary line, fenced. All day long it goes – back and forth, back and forth – frantic to escape its confines. The horse mind is not stupid. It knows it has the power to jump over the fence and gallop into the horizon. It also knows that supper is served here.

These are at least 3 of my minds: there may be more.

All can be overridden by the body. I can tell you more about that another time – but the horse mind needs its bran mash.


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