The Problems with the Parliamentary Labour Party

I wrote this post a year ago. Nothing much has changed. As with the EU, I have always seen that Jeremy Corbyn has his faults.  Like the EU, last year when it was time to vote, he was better than the alternative.

Unfortunately it seems that Angela Eagle has an even bigger fault: that of self-delusion. She thinks she can lead the party out of troubled times; she can’t even answer a question in a tv studio properly at the current moment.

Yes, Corbyn gives me the creeps sometimes, probably because he is actually fuming inside, as he makes a huge outward effort to appear quite reasonable, but emotionally incongruent as he is, I can’t ever forgive the PLP for letting the country down at this critical juncture.

I am well aware that the rebels in the PLP are positioning themselves for a general election, one they hope to win.  What Labour think they would do about Brexit beats me; they can’t even get behind JC for a year without pressing the self-destruct button.

And as for Angela Eagle’s future chances – if she wasn’t so deluded she would understand that she’s unlikely to keep her seat at a general election – let alone lead the Labour Party any time soon.

On wishes and horses

2015-07-24 10.14.08

As I see it.

My fingers have been hovering over the keyboard for nearly a week about this post because I don’t quite know what to make of it all.  Last night I remembered the Isaac Asimov quote – that writing was thinking through his fingers – so here goes.  Not quite sure what will come out…

  1. Moving left is not going backwards.  It’s moving left.
  2. Moving left does not mean that the centre is completely abandoned
  3. Actually, all this moving anywhere stuff is completely bogus (backwards, left and centre) because no-one is moving anywhere.  It’s like a heated argument over a map between a party of broke ass backpackers before they leave the hostel after a heavy night.  Direction is meaningless unless you put one foot in front of another first.
  4. Jeremy Corbyn is probably appealing to people because he is moving, at least somewhere.  The rest of the…

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