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Life in Snarly Corners

I do not like a corner.  I find myself in them, often.

A Snarly Corner life is that back against the wall, stomach-churning sensation that suddenly comes upon one, without forewarning.

The way out of such Snarly Corners is present but somehow not a route easily, or obviously taken.  The thing is to not worry about that, the route that is; not to worry if it is scenic, or direct.    The thing is to get moving.

Get moving and think about it later.  After all, reflecting on action is probably less cognitively demanding than reflecting in action when there is no-one else to reason with except oneself and the Snarly Corner.

So that’s my advice.  Take a step out into the wide yonder and think  about it all another time.

Alternatively, live in a round house.

I am considering that.

Brexit and consequences…

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Yesterday morning I tweeted about Brexit (as I’ve done a fair number of times), and it went just a little bit viral. Here’s the tweet:


It was an off-the-cuff Tweet, and I had no idea that people would RT it so much, nor that it would provoke quite as many reactions as it has. I’ve replied to a few, but, frankly, it’s not possible to reply to all. The responses, however, have been quite revealing in many ways. As usual, people read Tweets in different ways, and of course this particular Tweet is far from unambiguous. I was asked many times what is the ‘this’ that I’m saying is the fault of the ‘Brexit people’. And who I meant by ‘Brexit people’. I was told I was wrong to lump all Brexit people together. And that we should be looking for unity, not stoking the fires of division.

Some thought…

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