Building a platform

I have started to ponder (lately) where I might be (in life on the generally accepted space-time continuum) had I concentrated my efforts in one sphere.   As it is, I have scattered my   energies far and wide, seen much, achieved (by certain widely accepted standards) little.

Oh, such dissipation, dissolution and dishevelment I have known over the years.

And still I am here, almost but not quite boring myself, not quite to death.

I admit, I should not be over here On Wishes and Horses.  I should be over on where I should be writing about being the biographer of Louise Little, mother of Malcolm X.  I should be building the platform, from which to launch a book into the world.  I should for the purposes of the above both hyperlink this post and tag it to within an inch of its scrawny life.  I should pick a photo that matches my well-chosen words and the comments should flow, like I was on goddamn Facebook.

I should.

I should play the game.

I shall too.

But, not just yet.

I still, despite all the terrible odds and notwithstanding appearances, like it here.  (And if not best, then surely most.)



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