First day: rest of my life

I am between jobs.  I finished one job yesterday and will start the next in February.

I celebrated with 10mg of valium and a trip to the dentist.  The fact that I did not have to be put more under than that with chemical coshes is what I am going to call progress.  Further evidence that might be considered change of sorts include:

I have ditched the world of Apple and Microsoft and migrated myself to cloud-based computing.

I am lying on a bed that does not need changing, with a silk pillow and net curtains that are clean.

The dog has developed agoraphobia, so rather than taking him on a nice walk, I might have to walk myself.

I have ditched eating meat.

I have stopped wishing I still lived in London.

I have decided to let some stuff go.   That happened yesterday.  Today is a new day.

office view

Where I used to work: office view


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