Monthly Archives: November 2019

A Post

I thought I might write post.

It’s been a long time.

Since I started this blog (in the hope that ‘blogging will be a good habit’) much has happened.

I wrote a book. I got shortlisted for a few prizes and didn’t win any. I had an agent. I lost an agent because the agency closed. I still need to try and get the book published.

I have had two more jobs and start a new one the week after next.

I got a fellowship. I got a degree. The two aren’t linked.

I did some research.

I write content. I get paid a bit.

I had the fake heart attack which led to another diagnosis.

I managed my mental health. I hope I helped some other people manage theirs.

Well you know… life.

I can feel the creative writing sap rising again. It’s funny how teaching and mental health and writing about finite element analysis can knock the interest out of you. 2020 needs to mean something in that regard. I just don’t know what yet.

Oh yes, and eff Brexit.