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Where’s the exit?

The summer has raced along, and all the while the world goes mad. Or more mad, were that even possible.

Things have been done at this end, certainly, but it’s never, ever enough.

Amongst other things, I’ve been watching Mad Men over the last few days. The protagonist, ad man Don Draper, delivered the following parting shot to a group of hippies he’d been getting high with (when his offer to fly to Paris from Idlewild, New York, had been turned down by his dark-haired lover).

Taking his leave he said, ‘the Universe is indifferent’.

I’m not sure if I much like Don Draper, and I am fairly sure the Universe is not indifferent or inert, rather that it works against us rather effectively, if we refuse to work with it. If we set our faces against whatever the Universe consists of we may as well spend the rest of our lives going up a down escalator, dancing the a waltz to the foxtrot, or jumping out of the plane without checking our emergency parachute.


Long Multiplication #Method 1

There may be 15 more of these to go…

This is a popular one with some of my learners at the moment.

Variously described as the Lattice/Matrix/Medieval Method.